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Hockey NT Policies and Procedures



Child Safeguarding

Play by the Rules

Play by the Rules is a comprehensive portal that provides the latest news, articles, events, tools and resources around safe, fair and inclusive sport. There in information on managing risks, dealing with complaints and template codes and policies for clubs to download and adapt for their own use. There are also fact sheets, guides and links on where to get additional help.



Safe NT Working with Children Clearance


Sport Integrity Toolkit



Hockey Australia

Policy | Hockey Australia

Where does my Hockey Australia levy go

Where does my individual Hockey NT levy go


Concussion Policies

Concussion Policy

Concussion Toolkit

Concussion Management Workflow

Concussion Report Form

Concussion Recovery Guidelines



Risk Management

HNT Risk Management Plan

Hockey NT Risk Management Presentation




Confidentiality Deed

Hall of Fame, Life Membership and Award of Merit Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Hockey NT Delegations Policy

Hockey NT By-Laws

Hockey NT Constitution

Hockey NT House Policy

Hockey NT Strategic Plan

Board and Panel Members' Code of Ethics



Drug Policies

2019 Hockey NT Alcohol Management Policy

2019 Hockey NT Safe Transport Policy

Hockey NT Smoking Management Policy

Smoke-Free Environment Policy

Australian National Anti-Doping Policy



Other Internal Policies

MWT Hockey Centre Terms & Conditions 2022

2019 HNT Social Media Policy

Volunteer Policy

Hockey Australia Weather Guidelines



State Team Policies

Players Code of Conduct

Team Official Code of Conduct

Dual Gender Events Guidelines

Hockey NT Physiotherapy Guidelines

Hockey NT Recovery Guidelines

Representative Coach Support Staff Policy

State Team Handbook 2019

State Team Selection Policy

State Team Levy Payment Policy