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Honouring Heritage: HNT and the Earth Sanctuary Unite in Alice Springs

Published Wed 12 Jun 2024

Honouring Heritage: HNT and the Earth Sanctuary Unite in Alice Springs (Mparntwe)

In an inspiring new partnership, Hockey Northern Territory (HNT) and the Earth Sanctuary are joining forces to celebrate and enhance the cultural and spiritual connections within the hockey community. This groundbreaking partnership seeks to intertwine the rich culture and heritage of hockey in the Territory and Alice Springs with the natural beauty and ancient history of the land, fostering a unique platform for community engagement, cultural appreciation, and advocacy for environmental stewardship.

Alice Springs, renowned for its significant contribution to hockey in the territory, has always been about more than just the game. This partnership with Earth Sanctuary represents a bold step towards strengthening the cultural and spiritual essence of Alice Springs and the Northern Territory within the sport. By leveraging the resurgence of the Territory Stingers brand and junior development initiatives in Alice Springs, this alliance will promote the Sanctuary’s mission and enhance the visibility of Alice Springs on a national and international stage.

Jason Butcher, CEO of Hockey Northern Territory, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "We are incredibly excited about this partnership with the Earth Sanctuary. It’s an opportunity to blend our proud heritage with the profound cultural heritage of our region, strengthening the sense of belonging and purpose within our community."

At the heart of this partnership is a shared vision: to foster a deeper connection to the land and heritage of the Northern Territory. The collaboration will see the development of community-driven events and initiatives that celebrate local culture, promote environmental stewardship, and encourage active participation in sport.

Through this partnership, Hockey Northern Territory will gain access to the rich cultural and spiritual expertise and network of the Earth Sanctuary. This will enable HNT to enhance the cultural development of its community, providing them with a greater awareness of their heritage and connection to the ancient land they represent. The partnership will also see HNT promoting Earth Sanctuary’s mission through its network, bringing greater awareness to the Sanctuary’s vital work.

Dan Falzon, Earth Sanctuary Director added, "This collaboration with HNT is a unique opportunity to celebrate our shared heritage and connect deeply with the community. Together, we will work towards creating an inclusive environment that honors our cultural and spiritual roots."

“We look forward to finding the edge that drives the foundation of success with Hockey NT. Earth Sanctuary's transformative journeys and programs  embrace the potent blend of connection, spirit, and culture as drivers of both success on and off the field. Together, we look forward to igniting the spark!“

The partnership is not just about sport; it's about building a stronger, more connected community. By working together, HNT and the Earth Sanctuary aim to create programs and initiatives that resonate with the people of Alice Springs and beyond. These efforts will include collaborative events that bring together diverse groups within the community, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

This agreement marks the beginning of a new chapter for both organisations. Throughout 2024, HNT and Earth Sanctuary will work closely to develop a schedule of activities and initiatives that align with their shared goals.

For more information, please contact:

Elle Richardson

Visit The Earth Sanctuary website here.

Jillaroos at the Earth Sanctuary in 2021

Pictured: Jillaroos at The Earth Sanctuary in 2021 (@jillarroshockey)